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Why Choose Us?

Why choose Seattle Open Door Church as a church to attend?
A fair and reasonable question. Glad you asked.

Help for You

Daily Bible Reading


1 Kgs 15:1-24
2 Chro 13-16


1 Kgs 15:25-16:34
2 Chro 17


1 Kgs 17-19


1 Kgs 20-21


1 Kgs 22
2 Chro 18


2 Chro 19-23


Obad 1
Psa 82-83
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What to Expect?

What should I expect to find if I go to Seattle Open Door Church? That is a great question. But it is somewhat hard to answer because it matters at what time you come to our church. We are a very unique church because we have church services in English, Spanish, Samoan, and 'Recovery'. Here is what we can guarantee you-no matter what time you show up at Seattle Open Door Church you will find people who Love God, Love People, and Love Life. You will find our doors open to anyone who has a desire to know more about God. (Take a look at our Vision and Mission Statements)

Well, if you clicked on this link you are probably looking for some more specific answers, so here is more information for you specifically about the English speaking services.

English Congregation
Worship Style
Overall our worship would be considered contemporary. (We almost always include a hymn or two.)

Length of Service
The English service is from 11:00am-12:15pm. We have a Bible Study prior to the service at 10:00am. At times we have a potluck after church.

Preaching Style
On Sunday mornings the preaching is normally topical. Pastor Rich usually speaks on specific subjects with the goal of teaching how to live the Christian life on a practical manner. However, Pastor Rich also does expository preaching at times. (He recently did a series titled Going Deeper, going through 1 John, verse by verse.

You will find that Pastor Rich is passionate about Christianity, the Bible, and the Gospel.You will not be bored during the preaching time. You will certainly get spiritually fed.

One of the unique traits of Pastor Rich is that he is real. He is probably one of the most vulnerable pastors in the Seattle area.

You will find that Seattle Open Door Church is a safe place to worship God. You can come as you are. Our doors are truly open for anyone. No 'masks' are required to attend our church.

Many of our members are single. We do not have many families. We are praying for more families. If you are a family please check us out. We could certainly use more youth among us.

Ministry Opportunity
We are a smaller congregation so we do not have as many ministry opportunities as a larger church. However, we want to grow and reach more people so we are looking for gifted individuals to partner with us to reach out in greater ways in our community and within our church. If you have a passion for Jesus and ministry, please come and check us out. Maybe you and your family are an answer to prayer for our church. We are in need of additional worship team members and are looking for some individuals who have an envagelistic/outreach heart.

Wednesday Evenings
We have a mid-week service on Wednesday nights 7pm-8pm with prayer afterwards. Pastor Rich normally has a series where there is interaction between him and the attendees.

At times we have special services on Sunday nights at 6pm. We for sure have a Night of Worship on the last Sunday of the month.

At Seattle Open Door Church you will find people who Love God, Love People, Love Life.

Upcoming Events at Seattle Open Door Church


Seattle Open Door Church is committed to reaching out into our local community.

For the Spring and Summer of 2017 we have some upcoming events planned. Not all the details have been worked out, and there certaily will be other events, but here are some events taking place in the next few months.


Gas Buy-Downs

Gas Buy-Down

On May 6 we had a Gas Buy-Down. It is our goal to have another one on June 3. We are working out the detials.

What is a Gas Buy-Down?:

  • What is It?-A time when our church members pump gas at a local gas station and give back to the custmer .25 per gallon.

  • Why Gas Buy-Downs? To give back to our community. To give some hope to those who may be discouraged.

Click Here to learn more.

Free Tickets Champion Movie

Champion Movie

On May 20 Seattle Open Door Church gave out tickets for the premeire showing of Champion. It is a movie that addresses the topics of forgiveness, fatherhood, foster parenting and the power of second chances.

Click here to read testimonials and updates on obtating DVD's of the movie and a private screening at our chuch later in the year.



Proof That God Exists
Addiction Free Forever
What is the Meaning of Life

dennis marcellino sodc seminars

Dennis Marcellino (who tried 20 different approaches to find answers to his addiction problems and to life questions that all of us have) will be sharing how there is scientific proof of the existence of God, that the Bible is credible, and the ultimate approach to a life of peace and deep fulfillment.

You will not want to miss out on these seminars whether you are an atheist, agnostic, spirtitual seeker, or a follower of Jesus Christ. Get the details and RSVP for guaranteed seating and free gifts. (There will be dinner with Dennis before the seminars.)



Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and to learn about the basics of the Christian faith. At each session a light meal is provided and there is then a presentation on a specific topic and then discussion.
Click Here to learn more.


Champion Movie

Champion Movie

Seattle Open Door Church paid for the two matinee showings of Champion-The Movie, at the Regal Parkway Plaza 12 Theater in Tukwila.We had over 150 people show up and by us paying for the two showings of the movie it brought the movie into the theater for at least a week.

Champion is a movie that addresses the topics of forgiveness, fatherhood, foster parenting and the power of second chances. CHAMPION depicts race car driver Sean Weathers' journey following a tragic on-track accident that rips apart his family, leaving him vulnerable to the last person on earth who should help him. There are scenes in the movie that every viewer will be able to relate to on a personal level. Ultimately the movie is a story about the power of God to change lives. This is a must see movie.

Go to Pastor Rich Blog to read some testimonials of what occurred because of the Champion movie.

The DVD for the movie comes out around Sept 2017. As soon as it is available we will be having a public showing of it at our church.

The Proof That God Exists
Addiction Free Forever
What is the Meaning of Life?


Dennis MarcellinoPresenter: Dennis Marcellino
Author of THE PROOF that God Exists and the Bible is True, Addiction Free Forever, and Why Are We Here? The Scienctific -Answer to This Age-Old Question Dennis tried 21 different approaches trying to find answers to his addiction problem, why he was on earth, and if God truly existed. Dennis will be sharing in detail what he has found to be true-the Bible has the answer.

Dennis certainly understands many may question his conclusions. He encourages atheists, agnostics, and spiritual seekers to come to his seminars. There will be a time for questions and answers afterwards.

June 10:
6pm-Dinner wirh Dennis Marcellino, $5 per person (Proceeds go to Transform Burien and The Genesis Project. You do not have to attend dinner to attend free seminar.)

7pm-Conclusive Proof God Exist (Seminar is free.)
Scientific proof of the existence of God (in simple terms). Proof that the Bible has a credibility rating of 100%. Listen to recent interview with Dennis regarding this topic.

June 11:
11am-Addiction Free Forever (Seminar is free.)
Dennis will be sharing his addiction recovery story and talking about being Addiction Free Forever. Listen to recent interview with Dennis regarding this topic, along with more in-depth interviews.

6pm-Dinner wirh Dennis Marcellino, $5 per person (Proceeds go to Transform Burien and The Genesis Project. You do not have to attend dinner to attend free seminar.)

7pm-What is the Meaning of Life-Why Are We Here? (Seminar is free)
Every single human being at some point in their life asks this question. Dennis will address this question in a very logical, sincere, eye opening manner. Listen to recent interview with Dennis regarding this topic.

June 12 (Tentative):
7pm -If there is enough interest we will have a question and answer session to cover all the concepts that Dennis shares over the weekend. Let us know your interest.


the-tokens-the-lion-sleeps-tonight"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
Dennis was a member of The Tokens, the band who originally had this hit.
Yes, Dennis is also a musician, he will be helping with worship at the Sunday Service.

At some point in one of the seminars Dennis will be singing his Christian version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Check out Dennis' music collection.


RSVP for Seminars

You do not need to RSVP to attend the seminars. We do need you to RSVP if attending dinners.

For those who RSVP for all three seminars, there will not be any charge for dinners. Otherwise dinners are $5 per person. You do not have to show up for dinner to attend the seminars. Please fill out the RSVP Form, letting us know what dinners you will attend and what seminars you will attend. There is no limit on how many guests you can bring.

If you need to cancel your RSVP please fill out the cancellation form so that your space is made available for others.

All fields with an * must be filled out, all other fields are optional. We do not share your email address with ooutside parties.

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Ministry Opportunities

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Seminars:
'What is the Meaning of Life', 'Addiction Free Forever', 'The Proof that God Exists'.
Learn More


Alpha Course
Explore the meaning of life and learn about Christianity
Click Here for detials.

Service Times

Sunday School 10:00am
Sunday Worship Service 11:00am

Tuesday Bible Study, 7pm in Seatac

Wednesday Church Service 7pm

First Friday-Prayer Service 7pm

Foreign Language Services-More Info


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