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Most of us have some form of regret for things we have done in the past. Others not only have regrets but face challenges for what they have done in the past. This is especially true of those who have been involved in gang activity.The good news is there are those who have completely walked away from the gang lifestyle and are starting their lives over.

(If you want tattoos removed, contact Pastor Rich)

The Challenge
Even though they have started their life over, there is one major challenge that ex-gang members face-the tattoos all over their body that identifies them as a previous gang member. Yes, they can try to cover them up with clothing, but that is not always possible and some tattoos are on necks, faces, hands that cannot be covered.

As long as the tattoos can be seen, many will assume the individual with tattoos is still a gang member. This can be dangerous for them-the actual potential of being harmed by gang members. Their tattoos can make them look very scary and thus hard for them to get a job or to interact with others. Think about it. They could be a totally transformed person but they will be judged by their tattoos.

It is not only ex-gang members that need tattoos removed. Individuals who have demonic images or curse words on public parts of their body. For many they are wanting to start a new life and do not want such representations on them. They regret they ever got their tattoos.

The Cost
The cost for tattoo removal can be as low as $200 or as high as several thousand dollars. There are a variety of factors that determine cost. Such things as if jailhouse tattoos or professional tattoos, what colors of tattoo, how large and how many tattoos, where the tattoos are located. Many times it is more affordable to cover some tattoos with a larger tattoo.

The Solution
There is solution to this dilemma-removal of the tattoos. If the tattoos are gone the person will not be judged by their past lifestyle but who they are today. The challenge is the cost to remove tattoos (there is also the pain, but most would be willing to go through the pain of removing the tattoos). It can cost several hundred dollars to have tattoos removed. For some up to $2,000 to remove all their tattoos. Many of these individuals do not have the funds to remove their old tattoos. (Hard to get work if look like a gangster or a scary person, or if you have curse words on your body.)

Seattle Open Door Church has come up with a solution-raise funds to help individuals to remove their tattoos. We as a church, and our community, YOU, can help these individuals to have a fresh start in life, tattoo free. Together we can Make a Difference in someone's life. (BTW, other tattoos, not gang related, can hinder employment and receptivity from society, so we want to help more than ex-gang members to remove their tattoos.)

it is our desire to set up a scholarship fund for those who desire their tattoos to be removed. The scholarships would be distributed based upon various factors besides the lack of funds to have tattoos removed. We would give first priority to those who have recently gotten out of a gang, then those who have been in gangs in the past, then those who have other tattoos that make it had for them to get decent paying jobs.

If we have funds available we are more able to negotiate the cost of tattoo removal. We can show that we have the funds to provide more clients, we can show that the local community supports what we are doing, we can hopefully obtain matching funds.

It should be mentioned that there are organizations that provide very low cost tattoo removal but they re located in Canada, Oregon, California, and Eastern Washington. Nothing local. A person could travel to one of these locations but they do not have the funds to do this plus it normally takes 2-5 sessions to remove the tattoos unless they have the tattoo covered with another tattoo. We may get a few local tattoo artists to partner with us on this project.

Will you help us to raise funds to create a scholarship fund. Any amount will be of help to us.

Something to Think About
Individuals who do not have jobs because of gang related or other tattoos are most likely getting some kind of government assistance. They may also have some form of mental illness, self-esteem or other issues. By helping them remove or cover up their tattoos AND helping them develop life skills AND helping them have hope will help them to get jobs and get off of government assistance. That can save taxpayers/society much money.

Think about it. A person getting assistance receives most likely a minimum of $700 a month. This assistance could go on for months or years. So if it cost $1,500 to remove tattoos and they get a job, that is a tremendous savings, not a cost.

So our goal is to not only help remove tattoos but to help individuals get off of government assistance or at least lessen that assistance.

So we not only need help in covering the cost to remove tattoos but mentors to help individuals to overcome other obstacles they may have in their life. Isn't that the least we can do for those who are getting out of gangs or those who want a new start in life?

For more information on this outreach, contact Pastor Rich at 206-396-1995.

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