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Gas Buy-Downs

Gas Buy-Down

Seattle Open Door Church had a Gas Buy-Down on May 6. It is our goal to have another one on June 3, we are working out the details.

Gas Buy-Down?:

  • What is It?
    For two hours our church members pump gas at a local gas station. Along with pumping gas we clean windshields, we give hope, and we pray for those who desire to receive prayer. At the end of pumping gas we give the customer .25 for each gallon of gas they purchased.

  • Why Gas Buy-Downs?
    Many times people see the church as an entity that wants to take and take. We want to break the mindset.

    We want to give hope to people. Just giving back a few dollars to someone who has little helps to give a message of hope.

    It helps let our community know more about SODC.

    It helps us to fulfill Our Vision:: Loving God, Loving People, Loving Life.

    It is fun!!!!!

  • How Often?
    We hope to do one in August.

Hope to see you. Bring all your cars and save some money.

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