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Help for You

Relief for those who have survived
Typhoon Yolanda

Dulag Leyte Philippines

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Leyte Philippines Map

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Dulag Leyte Philippines

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Pastor Rich and Carmi are going to Dulag in March 2018. They will be distributing bags of rice to those in greatest need in Dulag. If you would like to join with them to Make a Difference, click here to donate.

Pastor Rich & Carmi completed their trip to Dulag. To read about and view photos go to www.facebook.com/aidtoduglag.

2014 Mission Trip
JTM Medical Mission Team (that partnered with us) is ministering at various times in Dulag. We worked with a church in Dulag.

Aid to Dulag, Leyte, Philippines is a missions project of Seattle Open Door Church for the people of Dulag who are survivors of Typhoon Yolanda. Our goal was to provide on an ongoing basis food, clothing, and medical supplies. This project was started by Pastor Richard & Carmi Dover based upon a personal situation.

Before the Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines Pastor Richard & Carmi were going to go on a two-week vacation to the Philippines in late January. Carmi's family lives in the Manila area and Dulag (her home town). It was to be a time of fun, exploration, break from ministry duties, and for Richard to meet Carmi's family for the first time.

However, with the horrific damage caused by the typhoon, specifically in Leyte, there is no way they can ignore the devastation of the area. So Pastor Richard and Carmi decided to use their time in the Philippines as a time to provide aid (food, clothing,supplies etc.) to the people of Dulag and the surrounding area along with a personal vacation time.

There were tremendous needs. Many of the residents of Dulag have lost their homes, vehicles, personal possessions.

Why Support the Aid for Dulag Cause?
Some may wonder why there is a need for our small relief effort when there are many large organizations providing relief. Here are some reasons:

  • The very large organizations are going to mainly focus on the areas with the most deaths and destruction-thankfully Dulag did not have any deaths that we have heard of.

  • The large organizations are going to mainly focus on the highly populated regions-Dulag is no comparison to Tablocan City.

  • The large organizations have the people come to them-it is our goal to reach out to the people in outlying areas of Dulag-go to the people, not just have the people come to us.

  • The large organizations are not able to minister in a one-on-one basis. Our goal is to not only provide resources but to pray with and encourage the people-to give hope.

  • The large organizations have a high overhead to cover wages, infrastructure, etc-we have very little overhead thus can make resources go further.

  • The large organizations are in great positions to help out immediately after disaster but the need continues much longer after the disaster has occurred. It is our desire to establish key relationships so we can provide ongoing help.

Make A Difference

The Future

It is our goal to continue minsitering to the people in Dulag, Before the typhoon they had poor conditions and even with all the help after the typhoon they will be living in very poor conditions.
  • Pray, pray, pray

  • Make a Financial Donation. Your donation will help cover the cost of purchasing and shipping products (costs around $80 to ship Balikbayan boxes to Dulag).
  • Donate goods-canned goods, linens, toiletries, clothing, school supplies, flashlights & batteries, tents, tarps, rope, medical supplies,Tagalog and English Bibles & Bible Tracts (Contact Pastor Richard Dover to co-ordinate the donation process. 206-396-1995)

  • Volunteer at Seattle Open Door church to help with shipping & handling of Balikbayan shipping boxes, give us a call at 206-396-1995.

Click here to donate on-line.

Donate via CheckDonate Via Check or Money Order:
Make your check out to Seattle Open Door Church and specify you want your donation to be used for Aid to Dulag.

Mail check to:
Seattle Open Door Church
625 SW 149th St
Burien, WA 98166

Donate via Paypal if desired:

Find Aid to Dulag on facebookKeep updated on this project by going to our Aid to Dulag, Leyte Philippines Facebook page.

*City of Dulag Information
Dulag is a third class municipality in the province of Leyte in Eastern Visayas (Region VIII) in the Philippines. Population of 47,757 residents according to the 2010 census.[3] It lies 36 kilometres (22 mi) south of Tacloban City.

Popularly known as the "Liberation Town", Dulag survived and has risen from the ruins of the Second World War.
More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dulag,_Leyte

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