Worship Warriors

God's Worshiping Warriors

God's Worshipping Warriors consists of Christians from various churches in the Puget Sound area of Washington who desire to gather together in community worship to lift up Jesus Christ. They believe there is power in worship and have chosen to be worshipping warriors for the Kingdom of God. (There is no formal membership.)

The goal is worship and intercession, allowing the Holy Spirit to be the preacher, teacher, convicter, healer, transformer. The focus is on God Almighty alone. Not on man, the gifts, miracles, or signs and wonders. God's Worshiping Warriors are God Chasers, not wonder chasers. The signs and wonders occur as Jesus Christ is lifted up.

This is a time for individuals to focus on the Lord, to give the Heavenly Father the worship He deserves, to draw closer to Jesus, to be refreshed and transformed.

A night of worship for approximately 1.5 hrs. During the worship there are times of singing, prayer, and ministry.

Each month a different worship team from the Puget Sound area leads out in worship.

Seattle Open Door Church in Burien, WA hosts Nights of Worship where God's Worshiping Warriors join together as one Body to give whole-hearted worship to the King of Kings.

Nights of Worship are the last Sunday of the month at 6:00pm. However we do not currently have them taking place on a regular basis. Check this page for updates.

If you have questions or you would like to schedule your worship team for Night of Worship, contact Pastor Richard Dover at 206-396-1995.


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